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Green Country, Oklahoma



Terms of Use

By listing your business ("Business") on this website you agree to the following Terms of Use with Green Country Publishing, LLC ("Publisher"):

1. Business agrees that Publisher retains the right to check and correct, where applicable, grammatical errors, spelling errors, inconsistencies and false or misleading information in any all text submitted for publication.

2. Publisher agrees that so long as published monthly fees are paid (successfully collected and deposited) Business will be listed in the directory listing.

3. Business acknowledges that Publisher has the right to offer additional digital, print and design services via any and all means available with no further "opt-in" process being necessary so long as Business is listed.

4. By using this service Business acknowledges that Publisher has no liability whatsoever for the responses generated and type of business activities requested as a result of Business being listed on this service. Business also agrees that Publisher is not liable for errors, grammatical, spelling or otherwise that are published in the directory as a result of Business submissions.

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